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Saturday, October 29, 2011

The World in Chaos

Red states blue states,the rich the dwindling middle class and the poor. The greedy and the sheep and the lost generation. Language barriers and ethnic takeover of the Protestant nation. All these contemporary hot bites are sounding alarm across America. Wonderous is the latest campaign of the Wall street Protestors and it's enevitable spread to other cities. The sounds of all of this just take me back to my generation and what we went through when I was barely a teenager. Call it a reason to be an American and all then is well with the world and we can just be sure this all will solve itself in the course of time.

Republicans or the right and now the Tea Party call this latest wave of dissent a blow to American ideals and our capitalist and individuality that made us what we are and defines who we are as Americans. The Democrats or the left want equality a level playing field if you will and Government to step in and guarantee that the wealth be distributed. The Right call that a harbinger for Socialism and a end to Democracy as they know it. And the Left who cannot justify big business ruling their lives and giving them no hope for the future.

Meanwhile across the globe we see Counttries unable to give their citizens the entitlements of the past and governments speedily see their Debt soar to new highs. It is more of a concern to Americans and Globalization has become  a real part of all our lives. China is now the new kid on the block and India is right behind them in setting a new landscape on how the game is to be played going forward.

Greed and Power and Wealth has always effected individuals and Nations to make the current status of our world no different than any in the past. While we here in America see our divisions grow by the day it really is just a part of who we are. I will answer this question myself and stand in defense of this notion.But what has changed is that our problems are now in concert and predicated on how the world is turning. And it has been altered and affected by technology and what role that has played and will play in the framework of how change takes place for good or bad. But the world I am afraid is on shaky ground and are not used to the divisions they are seeing now. The good is that in the Arab world we see people finally standing up for themselves. It might be that here we find the greatest of changes and true change against the backdrop of civil unrest. If these new Governments by way of that unrest can see social and economic gains then the tilt towards a balance of stability vs chaos will be truly appreciated in a world not defined by the usual parameters.

It then becomes a positive situation as we see global economic uncertainty. It is a time when we see the best in people and the worst in people and it is a time to be concerned, but it might be comforting to know that the one caviat to everything is that technology has given us a new way to deal wth things as evidence of Social networking during the recent Egyptian and Libyan uprisings. Technology brings us all closer and that is the something new . Because our new ways of communication lend to platforms that can better address issues and solve problems in a immediate and more informative way we can hope this world in chaos leads to new and better ways to help us all through the tough times that we are dealing with.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why experience is really the best teacher

You probably heard it from your parents when you were growing up. You probably heard it from your teachers or your coaches etc. I am over the age of fifty and I know from what I have learned so far that my best resource is my growing older. Now growing wiser might still  be another mountain to climb but surely I cannot always spell it nor can I count it, more it's something that you feel. The lessons hopefully learned through time translate into meaning not by calculation but by hunches and gut feelings.

My ability to describe that feeling comes as somewhat like a wake up call. You just wake up one day and the light goes on. It makes it easier to deal with situations you couldn't possibly deal with without having past experiences. The need to know is not as important as the need to just get through life and basically any way you can.  Now the obvious becomes more clear and the wisdom you have gained is essentially inherited not from individuals or deeds but just what life will bring if you get along in life.

There is no way to replace time and there is no way to learn things without time. And so as you are walking through life and bearing all it's frustrations and all it's beauty,take heed you will find your way and the way to handle your inevitable consequences as time goes on.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

In These Troubled Times

We seem to seperate the old from the new. Creativity must become part of the new landscape as old ideas die hard. We bring on new thoughts and dreams and challenge the part of us that have become complacent. Perhaps it is the push we need when our backs are against the wall that we then respond. The pressure of the day takes on new meaning and in the cloud of doom arises sunnier skies then we ever could have imagined. In these troubled times we awaken with a new spirit a new foundation and a new cause. In the end we will not only get by but endure.