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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Why experience is really the best teacher

You probably heard it from your parents when you were growing up. You probably heard it from your teachers or your coaches etc. I am over the age of fifty and I know from what I have learned so far that my best resource is my growing older. Now growing wiser might still  be another mountain to climb but surely I cannot always spell it nor can I count it, more it's something that you feel. The lessons hopefully learned through time translate into meaning not by calculation but by hunches and gut feelings.

My ability to describe that feeling comes as somewhat like a wake up call. You just wake up one day and the light goes on. It makes it easier to deal with situations you couldn't possibly deal with without having past experiences. The need to know is not as important as the need to just get through life and basically any way you can.  Now the obvious becomes more clear and the wisdom you have gained is essentially inherited not from individuals or deeds but just what life will bring if you get along in life.

There is no way to replace time and there is no way to learn things without time. And so as you are walking through life and bearing all it's frustrations and all it's beauty,take heed you will find your way and the way to handle your inevitable consequences as time goes on.

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