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Hi all I am Cane and I am starting this Blog as a platform for anyone wishing to be a part of my experiment. Here you have few limitations and can write about and respond to any topic or current event you wish. I will put forth a platitude of writings and snippets that should hopefully entice your inspired responses. You are free to join in as long as your attempt to communicate is well thought out and does not cross the bounds of good taste. I have a BA degree in Communications from the University Of Miami and have worked in the Wine and Food Industry for over 25 years. To post a comment please click on the title of the article.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

In These Troubled Times

We seem to seperate the old from the new. Creativity must become part of the new landscape as old ideas die hard. We bring on new thoughts and dreams and challenge the part of us that have become complacent. Perhaps it is the push we need when our backs are against the wall that we then respond. The pressure of the day takes on new meaning and in the cloud of doom arises sunnier skies then we ever could have imagined. In these troubled times we awaken with a new spirit a new foundation and a new cause. In the end we will not only get by but endure.


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