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Hi all I am Cane and I am starting this Blog as a platform for anyone wishing to be a part of my experiment. Here you have few limitations and can write about and respond to any topic or current event you wish. I will put forth a platitude of writings and snippets that should hopefully entice your inspired responses. You are free to join in as long as your attempt to communicate is well thought out and does not cross the bounds of good taste. I have a BA degree in Communications from the University Of Miami and have worked in the Wine and Food Industry for over 25 years. To post a comment please click on the title of the article.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daily thoughts

We are dependent on others...we were born that way...otherwise why would so many people hang on together when the dream died long ago.


Vindication is sometimes a positive act of overcoming adversity and in the process relieving a frustration only enough to know that it all evens out in the end ...sometimes life is fair.


I  never knew the value of money....and no one ever drove it into me when I was very young that you need
money to make sure that you get whatever you want and what you think you deserve and to command all the respect your accorded in modern day America.

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